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Control of electron conductance by means of mobile impurities in metal-oxide-metal systems

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The paper is concerned with the proposal of a qualitative model of conductance mechanisms in M-O-M systems which is based on shifts of ionized impurities in an amorphous oxide layer under the influence of an external field. These impurities do not contribute immediately to current conduction as the carriers do but they control the transport of electrons by influencing the field distribution inside the dielectric.

From this model there necessarily follows the existence of a region of high field near the cathode, and of a region of negative resistance on the volt-ampere characteristic. Further it leads to V-A characteristics consisting predominantly of ohmic sections. The origin of theseV-A characteristics is shifted after a change of polarity has been brought about regardless of the nominal polarity. Experimental results obtained by measuring the V-A characteristics of concrete Al-Al2O3-Al and Al-SiOx-Al systems deliberately contamined by Na+ ions lead to a qualitative agreement with the conclusions drawn from the model as regards the ohmic character of the V-A characteristics and their displacement with the change of polarity.

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  • Oxide
  • Oxide Layer
  • Electron Conductance
  • External Field
  • Field Distribution