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The electrical effects in plastically deformed silver chloride crystals

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Experimental data on the potential difference occurring during deformation are obtained in pure and thallium doped silver chloride crystals. The stress at the yield point is experimentally determined and compared with the theoretical value with good agreement between them. It is concluded that the character of the dislocation atmosphere is very similar in pure and doped crystals for very similar results obtained on both types of crystals.

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The authors would like to thank Mrs. Součková for the preparation of the crystals as well as Miss Rohlíková for her great assistance in carrying out the measurements. One of the authors (K. M. Matta) would like to express his profound thanks and appreciation to all the staff of the Department of General Physics of Charles University in Prague for their collaboration during his visit to Czechoslovakia.

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Matta, K.M., VavŘinec, E. The electrical effects in plastically deformed silver chloride crystals. Czech J Phys 20, 284–290 (1970). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01690901

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  • Chloride
  • Atmosphere
  • Experimental Data
  • Yield Point
  • Thallium