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Resistometric and X-ray investigation of (Ni2Cu)1−x Sn x alloys

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Resistometric measurements have revealed the approximate position of the solvus line in the isopleth phase diagram of (Ni2Cu)1−x Sn x alloys for Sn content between 0 and 14 at.% and temperatures between 600 and 900°C. The data were analyzed on the ground of a model which takes into account their dynamic character. Within the two-phase region they indicate the existence of two different phase-states of the system. Control X-ray measurements have shown that in the high temperature region above approx. 700°C the second phase is of theDO 3 structure. Our results are in variance with published data.

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These measurements were kindly supported by the Czech Grant Agency under Contract Nr. 106/93/513. The help of Mrs. A. Svobodová during the preparation and evaluation of X-ray measurements is gratefully acknowledged.

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Sprušil, B., Kratochvíl, P. & Chalupa, B. Resistometric and X-ray investigation of (Ni2Cu)1−x Sn x alloys. Czech J Phys 46, 491–502 (1996). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01690896

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