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Ion waves in a partially ionized gas in an external electric field

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The propagation of longitudinal acoustic waves in the ion gas in an external electric field is studied theoretically. The results are compared with properties of waves in space without the external field. The phase velocities, damping factors and the influence of parameters of the gas on the properties of ion waves is discussed.

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In conclusion, the author would like to express his thanks to Prof. J. Kracík DrSc., for valuable advice and suggestions.

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Aubrecht, L. Ion waves in a partially ionized gas in an external electric field. Czech J Phys 18, 1602–1609 (1968). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01690817

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  • Acoustic Wave
  • Phase Velocity
  • External Field
  • External Electric Field
  • Longitudinal Acoustic Wave