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On the transfer of heat from a tandel

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This article presents the results of an experimental study of the effective permittivity, tanδ, and the heating power of a tri-glycine sulphate (TGS) tandel at 10 kHz and 100 kHz as a functioa of the ambient temperature and the conditions for the transfer of heat from a tandel to the ambient medium. It appears that by improving the heat insulation of a tandel from the ambient medium, it is possible to improve the temperature autostabilization of the element, to decrease the necessary heating power and tanδ, while the temperature coefficient of the capacitance of the tandel remains virtually the same. An experimental value is given for the heat transfer coefficient from the investigated tandel to the air under conditions of free convection, which can be used to estimate the necessary heating power for tandels of approximately the same dimensions.

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  • Sulphate
  • Heat Transfer
  • Convection
  • Experimental Study
  • Ambient Temperature