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D=2 and D=4 realization of κ-conformal algebra

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We describe the generators ofκ-conformal transformations leaving invariant theκ-deformed d'Alembert equation. For the case D=4 the algebraic structure of the conformal extension of the off-shell spin zero realization ofκ-Poincaré algebra is discussed. Then the D=2 off-shell realization ofκ-conformal algebra for arbitrary spin and its commutation relations are studied.

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Klimek, M. D=2 and D=4 realization of κ-conformal algebra. Czech J Phys 46, 187–194 (1996). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01688810

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  • Commutation Relation
  • Algebraic Structure
  • Arbitrary Spin
  • Conformal Extension