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Line scattering images on crystals of NaCl with nickel. II

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Using the šifrin integro-differential equation an expression was found for the intensity of the diffracted radiation of a prism, the conditions were found for the formation of a line scattering image, the shape of the line scattering image of a rod in different positions with respect to the primary beam was determined and it was proved that the form of this scattering image does not depend either on the refractive index of the rod or on the wave-length of light of the primary ray. A comparison with the experimentally measured line images showed that in an NaCl crystal with nickel added there are rod-like formations (probably formed by nickel chloride), their principal dimension being oriented uniformly in all equivalent directions (110) of the lattice of the basic substance. The minimum length of the rods was estimated at above 20 000 å and the maximum transversal dimension of the rod below 2500 å.

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The authors thank M. šůlová for carefully performing the measurements and A. Línek for valuable remarks.

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