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Response of different-age mallards to DDT

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Experimental LC50 values for DDT in mallards of different ages ranged from 1200 to 1600 ppm. Mortality from DDT was greatest among 5-day-old ducklings and the lowest in 30-day-old ducklings. Adult female mallards were more resistant to DDT intoxication than adult males. The onset of mortality and mean time of death at each dosage level of DDT was related to the age of the mallards and was indicative of a dose-dependent relationship. Deaths among the youngest, and therefore lightest birds, began 1 to 5 days prior to mortality among adults.

Body weights of ducklings surviving DDT feeding were less than those of control ducklings, but not significantly so. Among adult mallards, DDT survivors lost approximately 9 percent of their starting body weight while adults that died from DDT lost 25 to 28 percent of their body weights.

Residues of DDT and its metabolites in the brains of adult mallards dying from DDT intoxication were approximately 6 to 17 times greater than DDT residue levels detected in the brains of adults fed comparable levels of DDT and killed for residue analysis.

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