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NMR detected by Mössbauer-effect, applied to the system57CoFe

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The detection of NMR in oriented nuclei via the Mößbauer effect in the daughter state is described and its specific advantages and drawbacks compared to other methods. As an example, the NMR of57Co in Fe was observed in external fields of 0–8 kG. The zero field frequency yields a magnetic momentμ 57/μ n =4.708±0.012. The different value found from the slope of the resonance frequency vs. external field is attributed to a Knight shift of (+2.9±1.2)%.

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This work was supported by the Bundesminister für Bildung und Wissenschaft.

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Laurenz, R., Klein, E. & Brewer, W.D. NMR detected by Mössbauer-effect, applied to the system57CoFe . Z. Physik 270, 233–237 (1974).

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