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Phononenspektroskopie von Ammoniumchlorid und Ammoniumbromid mit keV-Elektronen

Phonon spectroscopy of ammonium chloride and ammonium bromide by means of keV electrons

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The high resolution energy loss spectrum of NH4Cl in the spectral region of internal lattice vibration has been reinvestigated. In order to assure the assignement made, the spectra of the deuterated ammonium halides ND4Cl and ND4Br has been studied too. The structure of the films, which were investigated, was checked by electron-diffraction and by electron microscopy. The deuterated films show the shift of energy losses towards lower energy losses as expected. Unshifted losses are assigned to partially deuterated material. Two types of spectra are observed for NH4Cl depending on the size of the crystals and presumably on the perfectnes of the lattice. Unlike the external vibrations, which are strongly influenced by surface effects, at least for the strongest bands good agreement is found with the absorption measurement concerning the positions of the peaks.

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