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Second harmonic generation in scattering of intense beam of radiation by bound electrons near-resonance

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Second harmonic generation in near-resonance scattering of intense beams of radiation by bound electrons is investigated by solving the equations of motion exactly to all orders in the intensity of the incident radiation. A two-level model for the atom and a one-mode classical field for the incident radiation is assumed and the rotating wave approximation is taken. It is shown that (i) the second harmonic radiation is an equally spaced triplet, (ii) the middle frequency in these is exactly two times the incident frequency and (iii) the splitting depends on the difference of incident frequency and resonance frequency and on the incident intensity. The counting rates for the three frequencies have been studied in the weak and the high intensity limits.

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The authors are obliged to Professor Vachaspati for his interest in this work and to Dr. Naresh Chandra for fruitful discussions. Financial support of the Indian National Science Academy is gratefully acknowledged.

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Ajai, Prakash, H. Second harmonic generation in scattering of intense beam of radiation by bound electrons near-resonance. Z. Physik 271, 211–215 (1974).

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  • Radiation
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