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Ab-initio interpretation of 〈r−3〉 electronic quantities in the hfs of Mg I 3s 3p 3 P and1 P

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It has been known for a long time that, in a two-electron arc spectrum, the properties of the3 P and1 P terms of the lowests p configuration cannot be interpreted correctly in a pure-configuration model. Following the experimental determination of the hyperfine constantA(3s 3p 1 P 1) in Mg I by Kluge and Otten, this paper presents the ab-initio interpretation of the 〈r −33p hyperfine electronic quantities in 3s 3p through the use of the multiconfigurational Hartree-Fock method. It appears that taking into account the effects of the monoelectronic excitations 3snd, 2pnp and 3pnp leads to ab-initio evaluations in very good agreement with experiment. The case of the 3pnp excitation, to which Brillouin's theorem should apply in principle, is discussed. Using the same method, a refined evaluation is proposed for the nuclear electric-quadrupole moment of Mg25 (Q=0.200 ± 0.01 barn).

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We gratefully acknowledge the use of a MCHF computer code of C. Froese-Fischer for obtaining many of the above results.

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Bauche, J., Couarraze, G. & Labarthe, J.-. Ab-initio interpretation of 〈r−3〉 electronic quantities in the hfs of Mg I 3s 3p 3 P and1 P . Z. Physik 270, 311–318 (1974). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01677767

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