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Molecular and crystal structure of Cp2Mo(mto), mto=monothiooxalate

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Compoundl, Cp2Mo(mto) is obtained by the reaction of Cp2MoCl2 with methanol solutions of potassium dithiooxalate in air. Red platelike crystals of Cp2Mo(mto) were grown by the slow diffusion of pentane into a CH2Cl2 solution ofl and have been studied by X-ray crystallography: space group, P21/n,a=7.578(1),b=10.551(2),c=14.090(3) Å, β=94.38(2)°,V=1123.1(4) Å3,Z=4. The mto ligand chelates to the Mo atom through one oxygen atom and the sulfur atom. The two Cp rings form dihedral angles of 24° with the least-squares plane of the mto ligand. The Mo−O and Mo−S bond distances are 2.193(5) and 2.449(2) Å, respectively.

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  • Methanol
  • potassium dithiooxalate