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Synthesis and X-ray structure of [H3O+·18-crown-6] [Br−Br−Br]; a compound containing both H3O+ and a linear and symmetrical Br 3 t- ion crystallized from aromatic solution


[H3O+·18-crown-6][Br−Br−Br] crystallizes in the triclinic space group P 1 witha=6.105(1),b=8.658(1),c=11.072(1)Å, α=71.35(1), β=77.58(1), γ=71.09(1)0, andD c=1.68 g cm−3 forZ=1. Refinement based on 1112 observed reflections led toR=0.044. The cation exhibits a planar oxonium ion bonded symmetrically to the 18-crown-6 (O(oxonium) resides 0.092 Å out of the plane of the crown ether oxygen atoms). The anion also resides on a center of inversion with Br−Br=2.530(1)Å.

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Atwood, J.L., Junk, P.C., May, M.T. et al. Synthesis and X-ray structure of [H3O+·18-crown-6] [Br−Br−Br]; a compound containing both H3O+ and a linear and symmetrical Br 3 t- ion crystallized from aromatic solution. J Chem Crystallogr 24, 243–245 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01670351

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