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The decay of75Ga to levels in75Ge

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The decay of75Ga has been investigated with Ge(Li) spectrometers. Energy and intensity determinations for 37 gamma rays have been performed. A level scheme for75Ge was deduced, where 31 gamma transitions could be placed. Beta branch intensities were estimated from the measured gamma intensities. Spin and parity assignments for most of the levels were made in agreement with reaction and neutron capture studies. Half life of75Ga was measured to be (130±6) sec and that of the 139.3 keV isomeric state in75Ge to be (47.7±0.5) sec.

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On leave of absence from the University of Kerala, India.

Research worker of I.I.K.W., Brussels, Belgium.

The authors wish to thank Prof. Dr. G. Robbrecht for his interest in this work and Dr. K. Heyde for valuable discussions. It is a pleasure to acknowledge the assistance of Ir. K.L. Kiesel and Mr. J. Schietecatte for their help with the irradiations. One of us (M.C.C.) is indebted to the Rijksuniversiteit, Gent, for his fellowship. This work is a part of the research program of the I.I.K.W., Brussels, Belgium.

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Chacko, M.C., Dorikens-Vanpraet, L. & Dorikens, M. The decay of75Ga to levels in75Ge. Z. Physik 267, 359–365 (1974). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01669967

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  • Half Life
  • Elementary Particle
  • Neutron Capture
  • Level Scheme
  • Isomeric State