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Der harmonische Oszillator an der Oszillationsschwelle Untersuchungen unter dem Aspekt der Phasenübergänge

The harmonic oscillator at the oscillatory threshold-investigations under the aspect of phase transitions

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The harmonic oscillator with positive feed-back is a system far away from thermal equilibrium. Nevertheless, it can be treated as a thermodynamical system when replacing the temperature by the degree of feed-back. Thereby a kind of thermodynamical potentials can be calculated. At the oscillatory threshold all characteristics of 2nd or higher order phase transitions appear, stationary ones as well as dynamical ones. This is shown by calculations and experiments.

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Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Happ und Herrn Prof. Dr. G. Dietz gilt besonderer Dank für ihr lebhaftes Interesse an dieser Arbeit.

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