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Crystal and molecular structure of the ethanol adduct of tris(oxinato)indium(III)


The ethanol adduct of tris(oxinato)indium(III), prepared in aqueous ethanol, crystallizes in the monoclinic space groupP21/n (Nr.14) witha=11.343(2),b=13.477(3),c=16.845(2)Å, β-94.71(1)°,V=2566.4(8)Å3 andZ=4. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined by full-matrix least-squares methods toR=0.032 for 3374 observed reflections withI>2 σ(I). Three bidentate oxinato ligands (or 8-quinolinolato) coordinate to indium atom leading to an approximately octahedral coordination of the metal(III) ion. One ethanol molecule per mole of metal complex is occluded in the crystal lattice and forms a hydrogen bond with the O(3) oxygen atom of one oxinato ligand [O(3) ... O(4) =2.715(3) Å]. The two other oxinato ligands of the same unit are not involved in hydrogen bonding.

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