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Synthesis and structural characterization of 2,6-bis-(N-methylenemorpholino)-4-methylphenol (MMP) and 2,6-bis-(N-methylenemorpholino)-4-bromophenol (MBrP)


MMP: C17H26N2O3,M r =306.40, monoclinic, space groupP21/c,a=10.927(2),b=10.777(2),c=14.197(2) Å, β=94.04(2)°,V=1667.7(5) Å3,D cal=1.22 Mgm−3,Z=4,F(000)=664, μ=5.93 cm−1,T=293K. FinalR=0.049 andwR=0.063 for 2724 observed reflections. MBrP; C16H23N2O3Br,M r =371.27, monoclinic, space groupP21/c,a=10.955(1),b=10.785(1),c=14.213(1) Å, β=94.54(2)°,V=1674.0(4) Å3,D cal=1.48 Mgm−3,Z=4,F(000)=768, μ=32.35 cm−1,T=293K. FinalR=0.055 andwR=0.069 for 2886 observed reflections. MMP and MBrP are isostructural and in both the molecules the morpholino rings assume a chair conformation.

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Raj, S.S.S., Ponnuswamy, M.N., Shanmugam, G. et al. Synthesis and structural characterization of 2,6-bis-(N-methylenemorpholino)-4-methylphenol (MMP) and 2,6-bis-(N-methylenemorpholino)-4-bromophenol (MBrP). J Chem Crystallogr 24, 83–87 (1994).

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