, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 79–94

Mouse mutants studied by means of ethological methods

I. Ethogram
  • J. H. F. van Abeelen


In order to determine in how far some known genes will affect the behaviour of mice (Mus musculus L.) the author used the ethological method for drawing up an inventory of behavioral elements; this can be considered the phenotype to be investigated.

For this purpose the behaviour was broken down into those elements presented by a solitary male (situation I), by two males placed together (situation II), and by one male and one female together (situation III). The environmental factors for the mice were kepts as uniform as was possible. In the present article an outline is given of the methods used in analysing that behaviour; in a later article it will be shown to what ends these methods can be used.


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  • J. H. F. van Abeelen
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  1. 1.Genetics LaboratoryUniversity of NijmegenNetherlands

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