Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 221–256

Generalized quantum mechanics

  • Bogdan Mielnik


A convex scheme of quantum theory is outlined where the states are not necessarily the density matrices in a Hilbert space. The physical interpretation of the scheme is given in terms of generalized “impossibility principles”. The geometry of the convex set of all pure and mixed states (called a statistical figure) is conditioned by the dynamics of the system. This provides a method of constructing the statistical figures for non-linear variants of quantum mechanics where the superposition principle is no longer valid. Examples of that construction are given and its possible significance for the interrelation between quantum theory and general relativity is discussed.


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  • Bogdan Mielnik
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Theoretical PhysicsDivision of Mathematical PhysicsWarszawaPoland

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