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On territorial behavior and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds

III. Breeding success in a local population of Field Sparrows (Spiza americana Gmel)
  • Stephen Dewitt Fretwell


This example is provided so that non-theorists may see actual applications of the theory previously described. This study considered directly some of the components of Field Sparrow breeding success as a measure of habitat suitability, and found these to vary in a way which was inconsistent with hypotheses that territorial behavior either cues, or limits density. This study provides a valid example of how the problem can be approached and offers a first step in the eventual identification of the role of territorial behavior in the habitat distribution of a common species.


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  • Stephen Dewitt Fretwell
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  1. 1.Biomathematics Program, Department of Experimental StatisticsNorth Carolina State UniversityRaleighUSA

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