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A new periareolar mammaplasty: The “round block” technique

  • Louis Benelli


The “round block” acts as a keystone supporting the mammary cone. The keystone lies in the dermodermic, glandulo-glandular, and glandulo-musculoperiosteal unions fixed definitively with nonresorbable suture, by a crisscross mastopexy, and by a circular nonresorbable suture of woven nylon included in the periareolar circular dermo-dermic scar block. This technique can be used in numerous types of breast surgery: In cases of ptosis or hypertrophy, it allows the scar to go up to the periareolar circle which is in itself generally inconspicuous. In cases of hypotrophy, the use of the round block technique permits easy access for insertion of the prosthesis as it simultaneously corrects ptosis. In cases of tumoral excision, the round block produces a discreet scar and a more regular breast contour. In all types of mammoplasty, the main goal is to limit the scar. The scar in the submammary fold is visible, particularly when one is lying down. The ideal result is confining the scar to the periarolar area.


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