Mathematische Annalen

, Volume 113, Issue 1, pp 686–691

On the immersion of an algebraic ring into a field

  • A. Malcev


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  1. 1).
    See e. g. O. Schmidt. The Abstract Theory of Groups (in Russian). Kiev 1916, p. 58.Google Scholar
  2. 2).
    This can be proved in the same way as the theorem is proved that every commutative ring without divisors of 0 can be immersed into a field (i. e. considering “quotients”a/b). See B. L. v. d. Waerden. Moderne Algebra Berlin 1930, Bd. I, S. 47–48.Google Scholar
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  4. 4).
    See e.g. v. d. Waerden, op. cit.Moderne Algebra. Berlin 1930, Bd. I, S. 49.Google Scholar

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