Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Complications after silicone injection therapy in aesthetic plastic surgery

  • Bosko Milojevic


Silicone injection therapy plays a significant, but limited, role in soft tissue augmentation. It is confined only to a tissue defect, folds, and deep wrinkles of the face. It is important to use only a small amount of injectable silicone (1–2 ml) in one area of the face at a time. Massage is applied over the injected area for 5–6 minutes. The following side effects and complications are observed: diminished volume, descending of silicone fluid due to the gravity, and silicone granuloma formation.

Liquid silicone should be available, for the time being, only to surgeons for experimental purposes, because of the danger of complications and abuse. In this experimental study, the author applied 1,677 silicone injections (only in the face).

Key words

Silicone fluid Injectable silicone, complications 


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  • Bosko Milojevic
    • 1
  1. 1.ZagrebYugoslavia

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