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, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 498–502 | Cite as

Fermentation of raw glycerol to 1,3-propanediol by new strains ofClostridium butyricum

  • E Petitdemange
  • C Dürr
  • S Abbad Andaloussi
  • G Raval


Industrial glycerol obtained through the transesterification process using rapeseed oil did not support growth of several strains ofClostridium butyricum obtained from bacterial culture collections. Ten new strains ofC. butyricum were obtained from mud samples from a river, a stagnant pond, and a dry canal. These new isolates fermented the commercial glycerol and produced 1,3-propanediol as a major fermentation product with concomitant production of acetic and butyric acids. Four of the ten isolates were able to grow on industrial glycerol obtained from rapeseed oil. One strain,C. butyricum E5, was very resistant to high levels of glycerol and 1,3-propanediol. Using fed-batch fermentation, 109 g L−1 of industrial glycerol were converted into 58 g of 1,3-propanediol, 2.2 g of acetate and 6.1 g of butyrate per liter.


Clostridium butyricum glycerol 1,3-propanediol 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • E Petitdemange
    • 1
  • C Dürr
    • 1
  • S Abbad Andaloussi
    • 1
  • G Raval
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire de Chimie BiologiqueFaculté des SciencesVandoeuvre-les-Nancy, CédexFrance

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