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Composition of sputum from patients with cystic fibrosis

  • J. Priscilla Kilbourn


Sputum specimens from patients with cystic fibrosis (c.f. sputum) are colozized by a limited number of bacterial species. Attempts to identify the selective nature of the c.f. sputum indicate that this selectivity may be due to the ionic composition of the c.f. sputum. The ionic composition of c.f. sputum appears to be correlated with the presence in the sputum of calmodulin and/or calcitonin. It is suggested that either an abnormal or increased calmodulin and/or an abnormal or decreased calcitonin is the genetic defect(s) in c.f. patients. This abnormal or increased calmodulin and/or abnormal or decreased calcitonin causes the ionic composition of the c.f. sputum to be a selective environment that allows for the colonization of the c.f. sputum by only a few bacterial species.


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  • J. Priscilla Kilbourn
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  1. 1.Consulting Clinical and Microbiological Laboratory, Inc.PortlandUSA

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