Mathematische Annalen

, Volume 103, Issue 1, pp 52–69

A generalization of the sturm separation and comparison theorems inn-space

  • Marston Morse


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  1. 3).
    We adopt the convention that a repetition of a subscript in a term shall indicate a sum with respect to that subscript.Google Scholar
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    See Davis R. D., The inverse problem of the calculus of variations in higher space, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society30 (1928), p. 711–713.Google Scholar
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    See Bolza, Vorlesungen über Variationsrechnung, p. 626.Google Scholar
  5. 7).
    The nullity of a determinant is its order minus its rank.Google Scholar
  6. 8).
    Ann-manifoldS is called regular if on it the coordinates of points neighring a given point admit a representation in terms ofn parameters in which not all of the jacobians of the coordinates with respect to then parameters are zero.Google Scholar
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  8. 10).
    By the positive and negative type numbers of a real quadratic form, will be understood the number of positive and negative terms respectively in the form when reduced by a real non-singular linear transformation to squared terms only.Google Scholar

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