Measurement Techniques

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Supermonochromatization of synchrotron radiation by Mössbauer filtration with total reflection from the isotope interface

  • V. A. Belyakov
  • I. V. Zhadenov
Ionizing Radiation Measurements


Mössbauer filtration (supermonochromatization) of synchrotron radiation at the isotope interface of Mössbauer and non-Mössbauer isotopes of the same chemical element (e.g., Fe56 and Fe57) is theoretically investigated in conditions of total internal reflection of quanta in resonant interaction with the nuclei of the Mössbauer isotope. The merits of experiment geometry in which the isotope interface is not parallel to other boundaries, inevitably occurring in real experiments are shown. The discussed scheme is attractive for the implementation of standard of length in x-ray frequency range of electromagnetic radiation.


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  • V. A. Belyakov
  • I. V. Zhadenov

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