Zeitschrift für Physik A Atoms and Nuclei

, Volume 322, Issue 4, pp 557–566 | Cite as

The new isotopes258105,257105,254Lr and253Lr

  • F. P. Heßberger
  • G. Münzenberg
  • S. Hofmann
  • Y. K. Agarwal
  • K. Poppensieker
  • W. Reisdorf
  • K. -H. Schmidt
  • J. R. H. Schneider
  • W. F. W. Schneider
  • H. J. Schött
  • P. Armbruster
  • B. Thuma
  • C. -C. Sahm
  • D. Vermeulen


Evaporation residues from the heavy-ion fusion reaction50Ti on209Bi were investigated. They were separated from the projectile beam by the velocity filter SHIP and identified after implantation into an array of position-sensitive surface-barrier detectors by analyzing theirα-decay chains. Spontaneous fission was also observed.

Four newα emitters,258105 (T1/2=4.4 −0.6 +0.9 s),257105 (T1/2= 1.4 −0.3 +0.6 s),254Lr (T1/2= 13 −2 +3 s), and253Lr (T1/2=1.3 −0.3 +0.6 s) could be identified. For the isotope257105 we obtained a spontaneous-fission branch of about 20%. A spontaneous-fission activity with a halflife comparable to that for theα decay of258105 was explained as fission of258104, formed by electron capture from258105.

An excitation function for evaporation-residue production was measured for bombarding energies in the range ofECM=184.4 MeV toECM=196.6 MeV. Nearly all evaporation residues we observed, could be attributed to the 1n and 2n deexcitation channels. The maximum cross sections wereσ(1n)=c/2.9±0.3) nbarn, andσ(2n)=c/2.1±0.8) nbarn, respectively.

We could measure the total kinetic energy of the fission fragments of258104 to be TKE=(220±15) MeV, a value that fits into empirical systematics based on aZ2/A1/3 dependence.


23.60.+e 25.85. Ca 25.70. Jj 27.90.+b 


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  • F. P. Heßberger
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  • G. Münzenberg
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  • S. Hofmann
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  • Y. K. Agarwal
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    • 4
  • K. Poppensieker
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  • W. Reisdorf
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  • K. -H. Schmidt
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  • J. R. H. Schneider
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  • W. F. W. Schneider
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  • H. J. Schött
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  • P. Armbruster
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  • B. Thuma
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  • C. -C. Sahm
    • 3
  • D. Vermeulen
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  1. 1.Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbHDarmstadtGermany
  2. 2.II. Physikalisches InstitutUniversität GießenGermany
  3. 3.Institut für KernphysikTechnische Hochschule DarmstadtGermany
  4. 4.Tata InstituteBombayIndia
  5. 5.Porsche AGWeissachGermany

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