Acta Neurochirurgica

, Volume 131, Issue 1–2, pp 106–118

Morbidity after anterior cervical decompression and fusion. The influence of the donor site on recovery, and the results of a trial of surgibone compared to autologous bone

  • J. N. Rawlinson
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The Cloward procedure is a routine approach to decompress and fuse the cervical spine. This paper looks at two aspects of the operation. Firstly the morbidity due to the hip wound is assessed, and alternatives to the use of autologous bone graft discussed. Secondly one Neurosurgical Unit's experience in the use of surgibone — an animal bone substitute harvested from steers and fashioned in dowels — is described. In this trial it was not found to be a satisfactory substitute to autologous bone.


Cloward procedure vertebral fusion surgibone 


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  • J. N. Rawlinson
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  1. 1.Accident and Emergency DepartmentBristol Royal InfirmaryBristolUK

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