Zeitschrift für Physik A Hadrons and nuclei

, Volume 225, Issue 5, pp 444–454 | Cite as

Transport properties of dilute magnetic alloys

  • K. Fischer


The electrical resistivity, thermopower, and the electronic part of the thermal resistivity of dilute magnetic alloys are calculated in the framework of the Suhl-Nagoaka theory. Using Bloomfield's and Hamann's solution of the Nagaoka equations, we derive expressions for the transport quantities in the limitT≫ ¯ TK andT≪¯ TK to order (In ¯T K /T)−4 where ¯T K is the Kondo temperature which may depend on the spin independent scattering. We find that the thermopower and deviations from the Wiedemann-Franz law in this limit decrease as ¦In ¯TK/T¦−3 if one neglects a trivial temperature dependence of the thermopower due to the electron-phonon interaction.


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  • K. Fischer
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Festkörper- und Neutronenphysik der Kernforschungsanlage JülichDeutschland

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