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Orbital fractional parentage coefficients for the harmonic oscillator shell model

  • P. Kramer


The Hamiltonian ofn particles moving in a common harmonic oscillator potential has as its symmetry group the unitary groupU(3n) in 3n dimensions,n particle states of the harmonic oscillator shell model can be characterized as bases of irreducible representations (BIR) of the groupU(3n) and of certain subgroups of this group. Use is made of these subgroups for the factorization and calculation of 2, 3, and 4 particle fractional parentage coefficients (fpc) of the harmonic oscillator shell model. Recoupling coefficients for subgroup chains of the symmetric groupS (n) appear as factors in the fpc. These coefficients are analyzed and calculated explicitly. The 2, 3 and 4 particle fpc of the 1s 1p shell configuration are obtained as products of these recoupling coefficients with known reduced Wigner coefficients of the unitary groupU(3) in 3 dimensions. Possible applications are indicated.


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