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Pain reduction by an oral pancreatic enzyme preparation in chronic pancreatitis

  • Gunnar Isaksson
  • Ingemar Ihse
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In a double-blind study on 19 patients with the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, the effects of treatment with a granulated pancreatic enzyme preparation (Pankreon) were compared with those of placebo administration. One week of treatment with each preparation was preceded by one week without any medication. The patients kept daidy records of their symptoms, plotting the severity of pain on an analog scale. Weekly assessments of the mean pain level were also made by an examiner questioning the patients. Recordings of body weights and pancreas and liver laboratory tests were done weekly. Fifteen of 19 patients noted less pain during the week of treatment with pancreatic enzymes as compared to that of placebo treatment (P<0.05). The average reduction of pain, as calculated for all patients, was 30% as evaluated by both patients (P<0.01) and the examiner (P<0.05). No differences were found in other parameters examined. A possible explanation of the findings could be an effect on the intraductal pressure by intraluminal trypsin.


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  • Gunnar Isaksson
    • 1
  • Ingemar Ihse
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUniversity HospitalLundSweden

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