Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter

, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp 311–318 | Cite as

A Monte Carlo study of the asymmetric clock or chiral Potts model in two dimensions

  • Walter Selke
  • Julia M. Yeomans


The phase diagram of the two-dimensional, three-state chiral Potts or asymmetric clock model is studied using Monte Carlo techniques. The phase boundaries are compared to those obtained using the finite-size renormalization group and the free fermion approximation. The incommensurate phase is described in detail and crossover effects near the Lifshitz point are discussed.


Spectroscopy Neural Network State Physics Phase Diagram Complex System 
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Copyright information

© Springer-Verlag 1982

Authors and Affiliations

  • Walter Selke
    • 1
  • Julia M. Yeomans
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut für Festkörperforschung der Kernforschungsanlage JülichJülich 1Germany
  2. 2.Department of Physics The UniversitySouthamptonUK

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