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Ultrastructure of mitosis and cytokinesis inZygnema sp. (Zygnematales, Chlorophyta)

  • M. E. Bakker
  • G. M. Lokhorst


Mitosis and cytokinesis have been studied in the green algaZygnema C. A. Agardh using interference-contrast light and transmission electron microscopy. At prophase, the nucleolus disintegrates and numerous extranuclear microtubules near the nuclear periphery penetrate into the nucleoplasm. When aligned in the equatorial plane of the open metaphase spindle the chromosomes are coated with persistent nucleolar fragments. At anaphase, vacuoles intrude into the interzonal spindle region and seemingly contribute to the anaphase movement of the chromosomes. At telophase, the spindle is persistent and the reforming nuclei are separated by cytoplasmic strands containing microtubules, interspersed with vacuoles. Extensive bundles of microtubules, dictyosomes and parallel, slightly inflated ER-profiles extend from the poles of the telophase nucleus along the longitudinal side of the chloroplast. Conceivably, these microtubules guide the nucleus during its post-mitotic migration towards its central interphase position between the two halves of the dividing chloroplast. Throughout the mitotic cycle, ubiquitous dictyosomes, positioned near the chloroplast core, seem very active. Arrays of microtubules run towards these dictyosomes and may conduct the dictyosome-vesicles to the cleavage plane. At metaphase, septum growth becomes visible as an annular ingrowth of the plasmalemma. At late telophase or at entering interphase, an extensive clump of vesicles, associated with longitudinal bundles of microtubules, appears between the leading edges of the advanced furrow. Apparent fusion of these vesicles with the head of the centripetally-growing furrow results in its completion. The pattern of mitosis and cytokinesis inZygnema is compared with that of closely related green algae.


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  • M. E. Bakker
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  • G. M. Lokhorst
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