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The flagellar apparatus of the zoospore of the filamentous green algaColeochaete pulvinata: Absolute configuration and phylogenetic significance

  • H. J. Sluiman


A detailed description of the zoospore and its flagellar apparatus (including their absolute configuration) of the filamentous, branched green algaColeochaete pulvinata is given. It shares several features with the previously studied swarmers ofColeochaete scutata, such as the presence of a multi-layered structure (MLS) — associated microtubular root, and diamond-type body and flagellar scales. New observations include a T-shaped striated fiber linking the two basal bodies to the MLS, four additional fibrous connections between individual basal bodies and the MLS, and a second rootlet consisting of three microtubules. The organization and absolute configuration of the entire flagellar apparatus of theColeochaete pulvinata zoospore is compared to swarmers of other green algae belonging to theCharophyceae sensu Stewart and Mattox and to bryophyte spermatids. Some new aspects of their phylogenetic relationships are discussed.


Bryophytes Charophyceae Coleochaete Flagellar apparatus Green algae Phylogeny 


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  • H. J. Sluiman
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  1. 1.Biologisch LaboratoriumVrije UniversiteitMC AmsterdamThe Netherlands

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