manuscripta mathematica

, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 183–194

On the representation type of one point extensions of tame concealed algebras

  • J. A. de la Peña


Letk be an algebraically closed field and Λ a finite dimensionalk-algebra. LetqΛ be the quadratic Tits form associated with Λ. If Λ is tame we show thatqΛ is weakly semipositive. Let Λ be a one-point extension of a tame concealed algebra, then Λ is tame iffqΛ is weakly semipositive.


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  • J. A. de la Peña
    • 1
  1. 1.Instituto de Matemáticas Area de la Investigación Cientifíca Circuito ExteriorCiudad UniversitariaMéxico 04510 D. F.México

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