Celestial mechanics

, Volume 34, Issue 1–4, pp 193–201 | Cite as

Amelioration des theories planetaires analytiques

  • P. Bretagnon
Planetary Motions


The VSOP82 and TOP82 theories intend to represent the motion of planets, with a satisfactory accuracy, over an interval of 1000 years from and after J2000.0. The precision of the newtonian part of the solutions for the system of the sun and eight point masses is given in table 1. We present the construction of complements in order to keep this accuracy over one thousand years for the real motion: the relativistic perturbations, the perturbations by the minor planets, the perturbations by the Moon. Besides, we have undertaken the improvement of the solutions through lengthening the interval of validity up to six thousand years from and after J2000.0.


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  • P. Bretagnon
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  1. 1.Bureau des Longitudes 77ParisFrance

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