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Effect of diet limitation on the development of diabetes in prediabetic Chinese hamsters

  • G. C. Gerritsen
  • M. C. Blanks
  • R. L. Miller
  • W. E. Dulin


Prediabetic Chinese hamsters born of two ketonuric diabetic parents were hyperphagic from birth. Carcass lipids and total solids were increased but plasma and pancreatic insulin were not, suggesting that hyperphagia was not due to hyperinsulinism. Hyperphagia was controlled by diet limitation of prediabetic pups. Diet limitation for the weaning period only did not alter development of diabetes, but diet limitation for the first 150 days significantly reduced onset and severity. These 150 day diet-limited prediabetics were switched to nonrestricted feeding and subsequently developed mild diabetes. Prediabetic siblings, fedad libitum, developed glucosuria and ketonuria, and died prematurely compared with diet-limited siblings. Prediabetics limited to a normal food intake for 30 months have remained essentially clinically normal. The data strongly suggest that appetite control mechanisms are abnormal prior to clinical signs of diabetes in the prediabetic Chinese hamster and that control of hyperphagia will retard anameliorate the course of diabetes.

Key words

Chinese hamster prediabetes diabetes diet-limitation diabetes prevention diabetes ameliorati on, and increased longevity. 


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  • G. C. Gerritsen
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  • M. C. Blanks
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  • R. L. Miller
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  • W. E. Dulin
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