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Large deflections of heated circular plates

  • M. C. Pal
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Large deflections of heated circular plates with or without a concentric circular hole and with different boundary conditions and temperature distributions are analyzed in the light ofBerger's analysis. The subject is treated in a simple and unified manner. Numerical results are shown in graphical form.


Boundary Condition Dynamical System Temperature Distribution Fluid Dynamics Transport Phenomenon 
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d, a, b

Thickness, outer and inner radius of the plate, respectively


Aerodynamic pressure normal to the plate

u, v, w

Displacement components in the median surface in ther, θ andz directions, respectively


Flexural rigidity


Modulus of elasticity


Temperature rise above the unstrained state


Total potential energy


Coefficient of thermal expansion


Extensional strains in ther and θ directions, respectively


Shearing strain in ther θ-plane


Extensional stresses in ther and θ directions, respectively


Poisson ratio\(\begin{gathered} \nabla ^2 = \frac{{d^2 }}{{dr^2 }} + \frac{1}{r}\frac{d}{{dr}}. \hfill \\ \varsigma = \frac{b}{a}. \hfill \\ \end{gathered} \)

Große Durchbiegungen geheizter Kreisplatten


Große Durchbiegungen geheizter Kreisplatten und Kreisringplatten werden bei verschiedenen Randbedingungen und Temperaturfeldern im Licht derBergerschen Analyse untersucht. Der Gegenstand wird in einfacher und vereinheitlichter Weise behandelt. Numerische Ergebnisse werden in graphischer Form gebracht.


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  • M. C. Pal
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpurIndia

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