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, Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 323–347

Tilting sheaves in representation theory of algebras

  • Dagmar Baer


For a nonsingular weighted projective varietyX we introduce the notion of a tilting sheaf onX. We characterize tilting sheaves as those sheavesM ∈ coh (X) that lead to an equivalence φ: Db(coh (X))→ Db(mod (B)) with φ(M)=B, whereB is the endomorphism algebra ofM. An induced comparison theorem interrelates directly certain subcategories of coh (X) and mod(B), respectively. For a weighted projective spaceX, these subcategories control vector bundles up to twist and, ifM is itself a bundle, also all coherent sheaves.

There are self-equivalences of Db(mod (B)), induced by the twist in the category of sheaves, that can be considered as a generalization of Coxeter functors. In special situations, these functors are related to the Auslander-Reiten translation and serve as “higher” Auslander-Reiten functors.

For the projectiven-space, reduction procedures lead to up to twist descriptions of coherent sheaves by modules over algebrasS[t, n] of global dimensionn−t,0≤tn−1. Db(coh (Pn)) is equivalent to the homotopy category of bounded complexes of suitable modules over each of these algebras.


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  • Dagmar Baer
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