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Metal-betaine interactions. II. Crystal structures of catena-dichloro(betaine)cadmium(II) and dimeric diaquabis(betaine)tetrachlorodicadmium(II)


Two cadmium(II) complexes of betaine (BET) have been prepared and characterized by X-ray crystallography. [Cd(BET) (μ−Cl)2] (1), is a one-dimensional polymer in which each cadmium atom is coordinated by two pairs of bridging chlorine atoms [Cd-Cl=2.631(2), 2.614(2) Å] and two oxygen atoms from different bridging carboxylate groups [Cd-O=2.291(6), 2.329(6) Å] in the form of a compressed octahedron. [Cd(BET)(H2O)Cl(μ−Cl)]2 (2) is a dimer with each cadmium atom in a distorted octahedral coordination environment, being surrounded by a chelating bidentate carboxylate group [2.480(2), 2.332(3) Å], one aqua ligand [2.364(3) Å], two bridging chlorine atoms [2.659(1), 2.557(1) Å], and one terminal chlorine atom [2.480(1) Å].

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Chen, X.-., Mak, T.C.W. Metal-betaine interactions. II. Crystal structures of catena-dichloro(betaine)cadmium(II) and dimeric diaquabis(betaine)tetrachlorodicadmium(II). Journal of Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Research 21, 27–32 (1991).

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  • Cadmium
  • Carboxylate Group
  • Betaine
  • Chlorine Atom
  • Octahedral Coordination