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Synthesis and X-ray structural study of bis(2-sodiumsulfonylethyl) sulfoxide hexahydrate

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The structure of bis(2-sodiumsulfonylethyl) sulfoxide hexahydrate (1), which was synthesized by the reaction of divinyl sulfoxide with sodium metabisulfite in an aqueous ethanol medium, has been determined by X-ray structural analysis. Both Na+ cations are coordinated by six O atoms of crystallization water molecules and SO3 groups; the coordination sphere is a distorted octahedron. The crystals are stabilized by an extensive network of hydrogen bonds through the water molecules of crystallization.

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Dedicated to Academician of the RAS N. S. Zefirov (on his 60th birthday).

Deceased in August, 1995.

Translated fromIzvestiya Akademii Nauk. Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 9, pp. 1780–1783, September, 1995.

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Nesterov, V.N., Nagapetyan, S.S., Shklover, V.E. et al. Synthesis and X-ray structural study of bis(2-sodiumsulfonylethyl) sulfoxide hexahydrate. Russ Chem Bull 44, 1711–1714 (1995).

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Key words

  • divinyl sulfoxide
  • sodium metabisulfite
  • bis(2-sodiumsulfonylethyl) sulfoxide, X-ray structural study