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Equilibrium state of diopside-bearing harzburgites from ophiolites: Geobarometric and geodynamic implications

  • Jean -Claude C. Mercier
  • Vincent Benoit
  • Jacques Girardeau


The bulk compositions of coexisting enstatite and diopside in basal lherzolites and clinopyroxene-bearing harzburgites from ophiolitic complexes are typical of solidus/subsolidus equilibria, but for a few texturally distinct “magmatic” diopsides. They would presumably reflect the state of equilibrium at the time they last coexisted with liquid as the rocks reentered subsolidus conditions. The total lack of correlation between Al and Ca concentrations shows that the compositional scatter observed for any given massif, results from analytical errors related to extensive exsolution and serpentinization, rather than from differences in equilibrium conditions. However, significant differences are found between the residual ophiolitic lherzolites from Hare Bay, Newfoundland, and from Xigaze, Tibet, two massifs selected for their distinct structural and textural features. As for thermobarometry techniques relevant to these rocks, the best barometer found is an empirical relation for the expression of pressure as a virtually temperature-independent function of the ratioKf=(X Di opx )/(1 −X Di cpx ), in agreement with semi-quantitative models based on natural solid solutions. Temperatures are then simply derived from a surface-fitting expression relating pressure, temperature and diopside-solvus compositions, according to a regularX En cpx solution model (CMS) corrected for the effect of Al in the spinel facies. Application of these techniques yield pressures of 0.4 and 1.4 GPa, i.e. depths from sea-bottom of about 13 and 43 km, for temperatures of 1,170 and 1,300° C for the ophiolitic lherzolites of Tibet and New-foundland, respectively, in good agreement with dry-solidus data by radioactive tracing and with geothermal-model estimates for ridges.


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  • Jean -Claude C. Mercier
    • 1
  • Vincent Benoit
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  • Jacques Girardeau
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