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An experimental study of the thermodynamic properties of 1,1-difluoroethane


Experimental vapor pressures andP-ρ-T data of an important alternative refrigerant, 1, 1-difluoroethane (HFC-152a), have been measured by means of a constant-volume method coupled with expansion procedures. SixtyP-ρ-T data were measured along eight isochores in a range of temperaturesT from 330 to 440 K, at pressuresP from 1.6 to 9.3 MPa, and at densitiesρ from 51 to 811 kg·m−3. Forty-six vapor pressures were also measured at temperatures from 320 K to the critical temperature. The uncertainties of the temperature and pressure measurements are within ±7mK and ±2kPa, respectively, while the uncertainty of the density values is within ±0.1%. The purity of the sample used is 99.9 wt%. On the basis of the measurements along each isochore, five saturation points were determined and the critical pressure was determined by correlating the vapor-pressure measurements. The second and third virial coefficients for temperatures from 360 to 440 K have also been determined.

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Tamatsu, T., Sato, T., Sato, H. et al. An experimental study of the thermodynamic properties of 1,1-difluoroethane. Int J Thermophys 13, 985–997 (1992).

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Key words

  • critical parameters
  • equation-of-state data
  • HFC-152a
  • vaporliquid equilibrium
  • vapor pressure
  • virial coefficient