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Impact of leuprolide acetate on the response to follicular stimulation for in vitro fertilization in patients with normal basal gonadotropin levels


Fifteen women with normal basal gonadotropin levels and adequate responses to conventional gonadotropin stimulation for in vitro fertilization (IVF) were pretreated with leuprolide acetate (LA) beginning in the midluteal phase prior to a repeat IVF attempt. A significantly longer duration of stimulation requiring a significantly higher total dosage of gonadotropins was observed in LA cycles. The number of preovulatory oocytes retrieved and preembryos transferred was significantly higher in LA cycles. Six of 15 women (40%) had cryopreservation of supernumerary preembryos in LA cycles, versus none in non-LA cycles; 22% of preovulatory oocytes aspirated in LA cycles were available for cryopreservation for future transfer. Five pregnancies occurred in the 15 LA cycles. IVF patients with normal basal gonadotropin levels and normal responses to conventional gonadotropin stimulation benefit from LA pretreatment.

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