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Dielectric properties of macro-defect-free (MDF) cements

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Macro-defect-free cements, based mostly on Secar-71 and using polyvinyl acetate as a plasticizer, have been prepared. Dielectric constant and loss factor at 1 MHz and d.c. resistivity of these cements have been measured as a function of their composition, processing conditions and humidity. For some of the samples, flexural strengths have been measured in order to correlate with their electrical properties. Results of efforts to inhibit the effects of higher humidities on the electrical properties are also reported.

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Chandrashekhar, G.V., Cooper, E.I. & Shafer, M.W. Dielectric properties of macro-defect-free (MDF) cements. J Mater Sci 24, 3356–3360 (1989).

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