Neurosurgical Review

, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 117–123

Multiple meningiomas of the central nervous system without the stigmata of neurofibromatosis. Clinical and therapeutic study

  • Mehmet Turgut
  • Selçuk Palaoğlu
  • Osman Ekin Özcan
  • Özdemir Gürçay
  • Muzaffer Eryilmaz


Multiple meningiomas are relatively rare tumors without known neurofibromatosis. In this paper, such eight cases of multiple meningiomas as described byCushing andEisenhardt are presented. Certain aspects of diagnosis and surgical management of this rare condition are discussed with particular emphasis on the importance of the distinction among multiple meningioma, meningiomatosis, or recurrences of these tumors. Fortunately, many of these patients tolerate multiple surgical interventions well, although the removal of these tumors in critical areas is a difficult problem. Thus, we think that it is important to examine and supervise all patients who have had a meningioma for a possible occurence of a second meningioma.


Brain tumor meningioma meningiomatosis multiple meningiomas neurofibromatosis 


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  • Selçuk Palaoğlu
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  • Osman Ekin Özcan
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  • Özdemir Gürçay
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  • Muzaffer Eryilmaz
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  2. 2.Department of NeurosurgeryHacettepe University Medical FacultyAnkaraTurkey
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  4. 4.Meşrutiyet Mahallesi Gençlik CaddesiAydinTurkey

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