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Piston engine driven by a cw laser

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The construction and operating principles of a piston laser engine driven by a cw laser and its indicator diagrams are considered under various operating conditions. Equations are given for the indicator efficiency of the engine as a function of the opening angle of the obturator that controls the entry of the laser energy into the cylinder, and recommendations are made for the choice of the optimal regime. Engines with working volumes 2.5 and 45 cm3 driven by a 1-kW CO2 laser were constructed. The former reached 3600 rpm.

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Translated from Trudy Fizicheskogo Instituta im. P. N. Lebedeva, Vol. 120, pp. 100–105, 1980.

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Gudzenko, L.I., Barchukov, A.I., Kaitmazov, S.D. et al. Piston engine driven by a cw laser. J Russ Laser Res 3, 267–272 (1982). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01134152

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  • Laser Energy
  • Operating Principle
  • Optimal Regime
  • Piston Engine
  • Indicator Efficiency