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Phase relationships in the system KAlSiO4-Mg2SiO4-SiO2-H2O as a model for hybridization between hydrous siliceous melts and peridotite

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The system KAlSiO4-Mg2SiO4-SiO2-H2O includes model representatives of (1) hydrous siliceous magma from subducted oceanic crust — the eutectic liquid in KAlSi3O8-SiO2-H2O, and (2) the overlying mantle peridotite — the assemblage forsterite+enstatite (Fo+En). In a series of partly schematic isobaric isothermal sections, the products of hybridization between the model materials at pressures between 20 and 30 kbar have been determined. The liquid dissolves peridotite components with little change in composition. Hybridization is not a simple mixing process, because of the incongruent melting of peridotitic assemblages with phlogopite (Ph). Hybridization causes solidification of the liquid, with products a sequence of three mineral assemblages: Ph, Ph+quartz (Qz), and Ph+En. The products represent an absolute geochemical separation and local concentration of all potassium from the liquid. Hybridization is accompanied by H2O-saturation of melts, and evolution of aqueous fluid. Although there are significant differences between the melt composition and that of the magma rising from subducted oceanic slab, and between Fo+En and the mantle rock, extrapolation of the results suggests that the conclusions can probably be extended to mantle conditions with sodium in the melt, and jadeitic clinopyroxene included in the hybrid products.

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  • Oceanic Crust
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